Earn housing cards by helping entrepreneurs realizing their housing dream. Become a QOLiHoP ambassador and engage in a purposeful endeavor helping lowering the barriers to ownership.

QOLiHopping is a brand new (r)evolutionary way of dealing with property. Being a hero involves accountabilities. A new game means new rules, be sure you understand them before you start playing

Make a difference

By promoting a QOLiHoP project you contribute to a sustainable housing market.

Fuel the change

Put the housing market back into the hands of the many and make it once again accessible to all.

Engage in a epic journey

With QOLiHoP you really take part in the entrepreneurs journey and contribute to the accessibility of quality housing.

The ordinary hero hiding in each of us is often the most powerful catalyst for change.

Tate Taylor

It’s easy

Pick the project of your choosing and tell the world about it.

Your effort is rewarded

Help turn a campaign into a success and earn housing cards.


Put your network and connections to good use by helping entrepreneurs realising their housing project.

QOLiHop is a crowdfunding initiative of QOLEI.org.