The Quality of Life Housing Project

QOLiHoP’s mission is to provide sustainable housing to humanity thus increasing its quality of life.

With the QOLiHoP initiative QOLEI contributes to a sustainable and inclusive economy.
Renting ans saving at the same time now becomes a reality

I want to QOLiHop

Don’t loose any sleep over a rent- or buy decision. Get the best of both worlds with a QOLiHoP house.

Build up capital from day one

Help Qolihoppers around the world

Contribute to sustainable housing

I’m an entrepreneur

The property of your choosing is not yet available on QOLiHoP? Take matters in your own hands and start your own housing project

Make a difference

Surf the wave and create your own path

Enjoy all the benefits of Qolihopping!

I’m an Investor

The world is changing. Are you an investor willing to get involved and help shape the future ?

give purpose to your savings

Invest small pieces of your savings into real-estate all over the world

Help young people start off on the right foot and join them in an exiting journey

Diversify your investment portfolio

I’m selling a Property

Market your property to a worldwide audience and become part of a purposeful journey

Create 1000 investment opportunities

Sell your real-estate to investors all over the world

Be part of the housing revolution