Free yourself from debt and discover QOLihopping. The flexibility of a renting solution combined with the advantages of owning a property. Become an entrepreneur and make it about your journey.

QOLiHopping is a brand new (r)evolutionary way of dealing with property. Being an entrepreneur involves accountabilities. A new game means new rules, be sure you understand them before you start playing

Make a difference

By realizing a QOLiHoP project you contribute to a sustainable housing market.

Be the change

Put the housing market back into the hands of the many and make it once again accessible to all.

Realize your potential

Take matters in your own hands and create your own path.

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney

It’s free

As an entrepreneur you have no costs for starting your housing project. Express your talents to find backers and turn your crownfunding campaign into a success.

Limited commitment

After a successfull campaign, you can start Qolihopping with a limited commitment of just one year.

No banks involved

QOLihop is about reinventing the housing paradigm and giving power back to the people. Powers of the old system are superfluous.

QOLiHop is a crowdfunding initiative of